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20 de septiembre de 2014


Tamara Natalie Madden

Tamara Natalie Madden, was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and raised in Manchester, Jamaica. It was during her childhood in Manchester that Madden was exposed to her first artistic influences. She continued to pursue art during her high school years, studying advanced literature, photography and creative writing. In 1992, when her art teacher passed from cancer, her sadness, along with teenage concerns, diverted her attention from art. Tamara created art sporadically for the next few years, with her passion eventually dissipating as life issues took precedence over her creativity.
In 1997, Tamara was diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney disease called IGA Nephropathy. Over the next few years she would watch her body deteriorate while she tried to maintain sanity amidst all of the toxins collecting in her body. In order to maintain some semblance of normalcy, she began to create again. In 2000, Tamara took a trip home to Jamaica in hopes of reuniting with family and finding a long lost brother. She had no idea that the trip would save her life. Her brother offered his kidney to her upon seeing the condition that she was in. This amazing offer was consummated in 2001 with Tamara undergoing a successful kidney transplant. That year she participated in her first art exhibition, making good on the promise that she had made to herself long ago to become a professional fine artist.
Her work has been featured in newspapers and magazines, including, but not limited to, the New York Times International, the Jamaican Gleaner, and Upscale Magazine. Many of her pieces are in the permanent collection of prestigious universities, such as the Margaret Cunninggim Center, Women and Gender Studies Department and History Department of Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. She is also in the permanent collection of Alverno College in Wisconsin, and The Mother Kathryn Daniels Community Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She’s exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada and her art was recently chosen by Black Art in America to cover the book entitled: “A Time, A Season…A Commemorative Book to Honor Oprah Winfrey.” Additionally, she was a recipient of an individual grant from the Puffin Foundation for her project, “Never Forgotten”, which focused on combating poverty worldwide.
“My art is a reflection of my personality – vivid and buoyant.”

~ Tamara Natalie Madden ~

19 de septiembre de 2014


Gustavo Parra Soto

Gustavo Parra Soto, Barraca de Upía, Meta, Colombia 1948.- Este es un homenaje al mejor artista plástico de los dos últimas décadas que ha dado Colombia. Dentro de una búsqueda de colores, formas y expresiones el maestro Gustavo Parra demuestra que el arte va más allá de una lógica mercantil y estereotipada por un esnobismo euro céntrico; donde su propuesta esta al mismo nivel de grandes artistas contemporáneos del viejo mundo. El maestro PARRA demuestra con su versatilidad que está enmarcado en lo que teóricos y grandes pensadores consideran la segunda modernidad, la modernidad liquida o, simplemente, la posmodernidad ya que su obra está dada a partir de una comunicación entre emisor y recepto él cual tendrá solo que asistir a la magnánima obra para sentir y emocionarse por una tierra ajena o propia que retrata el maestro con cada uno de sus trazos. A continuación se presenta una pequeña muestra de la obra del más alucinante artista Cundí-Boyacense que ha parido las tierras de América Latina.

18 de septiembre de 2014


Michael Humphries

Michael Humphries.- The essence of what makes up the American landscape is what facinates me: from the solitude of a deserted barn or farmhouse to the simplicity of an old wooden garden bench with paint cracked and peeling. I'm also intriqued and inspired by the sometimes overlooked details in nature. The way light reflects off of an old watering can is just as compelling to me as the grandest of landscapes. Finding new ways of interpreting and presenting these objets in our lives that seem ordinary and mundane is my joy.
I knew from an early age that art would be my passion in life. I began my professional art career at Walt Disney Studios, painting backgrounds on such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King. I was Art Director on Fantasia 2000 and most recently was the Production Designer for Sony Pictures', Open Season. After 3 decades as an artist and art director for film, I'm sharing my personal vision in print, and finding it to be the most rewarding and challenging experience as a visual artist. An exciting new project I'm working on a is a book for Focal Press titled ""Visual Storytelling" projected to be released in 2014.